FAVOR: Gods Grace To A Mothers Prayer

Prayer for Favor in Court Matters (Legal Battles)

God is pouring out His favor on us right here and now. Even before we were born again, He was giving us His favor. Being born again was just the starting place for His favor to pour out. That scripture is talking about the born-again child of God who serves Him. It is talking about you! Jesus made you righteous. When Jesus shed His blood, He made righteousness available to all mankind, and with it came the favor of God!

You have been born again into His righteousness. Their lives are full of tragedy and disappointment. God does surround them with favor.

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You see, according to 2 Peter 1: Then, you have to receive them by faith. Your part is faith—to believe and receive all He has given. Our grandson Jeremy Pearsons puts it so simply. So, where do we get the faith to receive?

A Prayer for God's Blessing: 21 Verses of His Favor and Sovereignty

Faith comes, we believe and begin to receive what His Word says. I remember the first time Ken and I heard that healing belonged to us because it was part of our salvation—part of what Jesus bought and paid for on the cross. Our lives changed that night! Until then, we had believed people could be healed, and we always prayed when we got sick.

We received it, and we began to live healed. Healing was there for Ken and me all the time. Once we heard about it, all we did was reach out and take it by faith. He has provided every blessing—health, prosperity, peace of mind, joy, deliverance from sin and everything that pertains to our good life 2 Peter 1: We ask for comfort for those who are grieving loss and heartache, especially on this day.

We ask for strength for those who wait for children to come back home.

We ask for healing for those who have been hurt by relationships that were intended to be loving and nurturing. We ask for faith for those who will someday be Moms, who find themselves on a journey that seems so hard. We ask for great encouragement and grace to cover those who have made a brave and loving choice for adoption.

The Favor of God Will Change Your Life!

We ask for incredible provision and care over every single parent mom who works so hard on behalf of her children. God, thank you, for the gift of life. Thank you that your heart is for us, and that you are with us, in all our unique journeys and pathways. Thank you that you are Sovereign over every part of our lives.

Bible Verses On Favor Of God - Scriptures On Blessed and Highly Favored (Audio Bible)

Thank you that your ways are perfect and you make our footsteps secure. Today we pray for refreshing, for joy, for grace, for wisdom, for great peace…for all moms, for moms to be, and for women who nurture and lead. All your children are gathering to return to you.


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You will be as proud of them as a bride is of her jewels. Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord! We can believe that His plans for us are for good and that He has blessing in store as we follow after Him. Yet often, when life presses and things feel stressed, when problems overwhelm, and hardships come our way, our focus gets blurred.

We somehow start to believe that it all depends on "us.

We start thinking that if we're not "able enough," "talented enough," "brave enough," that maybe God can't quite use us. He can line up our pathways to cross with others He wants us to meet.

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He can open doors that leave us surprised at how they open. He can close doors that He knows are not the best for us. He has a plan, in the good, and in every hard thing we face. Their lives were not defined by the suffering or testing, but by God alone, who moved through the trial and brought greater good, blessing, and favor from it all.

Joseph says in Genesis God paved the way of freedom for Joseph. For our Lord, in His purposes, had more still in store.