Stage It! Home Staging Guide

Home Staging Guide

Turning on the air conditioner before the potential buyer steps in can make the viewing experience more pleasant. The walls may have stains on them and yes the buyer will probably give the house a fresh coat of paint but to increase the appeal of the property, these stains should be removed.

Similarly, damages to wood floors can be easily repaired. Buyers may use such damages to knock a large chunk off the asking price even though the cost of the repairs may be very little. Simple repairs like damaged cabinet hinges and door handles can and should be replaced by a handyman.

There are instances whereby there may be some slight road noise or perhaps the property is near a busy area like a playground. When buyers are viewing the property, the homeowners should use the space to show that such noise does not hinder the living conditions of the inhabitants. For example, by showing the buyers that when a television is turned on, the road noise is not audible may increase the appeal of the property. There are companies that can do the home staging for homeowners. These companies provide the furniture and items like plants and picture frames to increase the appeal of the property.

Their service comes with a fee but in most cases, the higher selling price of the property makes up for the home staging charges. Home staging is truly catching on in Singapore. The property market is much slower than before. It takes a great deal of effort to sell off a property.

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Homeowners can do their part to contribute to the successful sale of their property by adopting these home staging techniques. Yours Sincerely, Daryl Lum www. Thailand property inheritance laws: August 30th, 0 Comments.

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A guide to the top property developers in Thailand. August 11th, 0 Comments. Click here for instant access…. Buyers can form an opinion about a home within seconds of arriving, and so first impressions can be both vital and difficult. How can you be sure that your property is appealing to the widest range of buyers possible?


Clean up pet droppings. Some homeowners go through the trouble of preparing freshly baked cookies and placing pleasant scents around the property to increase its appeal. Make sure your home is squeaky clean. I love the neutral paint colors you have in your pictures! When we placed our new construction on the market, we even cleaned out our garage. This checklist will take you through every step of the way. What are they and what this means moving forward?

You follow a home staging guide of course! Imagine your house as a stage and the buyers as the audience in a play. No matter how good the actors are yourself and the estate agent trying to sell the audience will walk out if the backdrop is falling apart. With this home staging guide, you can easily work through your home and draw in more and potentially better quality buyers. We also have articles on the best real estate apps and several other free real estate checklists for you to check out.

Before you dig into the meat of the home staging guide, you should record the address of the house being staged, along with the date and any other important details such as the seller and estate agent. Do this using the form fields below, so that you can easily refer back to this checklist later. The HomeOwners Alliance state that "many buyers want to move in without making changes", which means that if there are holes in the walls then you're out of luck.

It's time to take care of any repairs which need carrying out. Wallpaper is highly subjective as are custom colors such as your beloved lime green but pure white walls can feel cold and clinical. The Huffington Post recommends colors such as:. The key to achieving your goal of selling a property requires a subtle touch, in this instance expressed through subtle colors. Don't blind your viewer by any means, just provide enough of a basis for their imaginations to fill every corner. Some wooden floors must be replaced if damaged or permanently stained.

This doesn't have to be a huge hit on your finances, however.

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Instead of re-doing the entire floor, locate damaged boards , cut them out and then fit replacements. Next sand the entire floor renting a sander will save a huge amount of time and effort and finally stain the entire surface. By keeping to a color scheme in line with your warm, neutral walls you can create a feel of consistency and permanence to reassure buyers. Neutral colors again tend to work best, unless the property is specifically aimed at a certain lifestyle for example, more earthen colors can accentuate a home's natural feel if, say, specializing in self-sustainability.

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Help homeowners struggling to stage their homes with a virtual staging service. can make any home look stunning without. Imagine your house as a stage and the buyers as the audience in a play. With this home staging guide, you can easily work through your home and draw in.

However, don't neglect to put splashes of color in your rooms to keep them interesting. Warm gold and brass accessories can accentuate neutral colors, whilst silver can cut through to catch the eye. By arranging each room to serve one purpose, you can easily and immediately demonstrate that use to a buyer; there is no confusion in their mind.

By keeping to one purpose per room, you prevent yourself from bombarding the potential buyer. They will, in turn, find it easier to imagine whatever they wish to do in a specific room. Sometimes doing as little as adding a headboard can frame the entire room in a better light; now is the time to do exactly this. Even more, you do not want to give the buyer any reason to give you a low offer or completely discount your listing.

So this is the fun part, folks. Once you have cleaned, de-cluttered, repaired and neutralized your home, you need to execute the finishing touches. Not only do fresh flowers give a more, upscale air to your home…. You definitely want your buyers to be in a good mood while walking through your home. When our previous home was on the market for only a whopping 3 days as we sold our home super fast I made sure that I had a beautiful vase full of fresh flowers in the kitchen.

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When I staged my home for the magazine shoot, not only did I place fresh flowers in the kitchen, I put them on the dining room table and even in the master bedroom. One surefire way to make buyers love your home is having it smell like freshly baked cookies as soon as they enter the door. Before each showing, I made sure to burn a Yankee candle in the kitchen.

I would advise sellers to avoid any heavily fragranced candles like florals or colgone-type scents. Just keep in mind, that a candle will not mask pre-existing odors. When my home was on the market, I was very mindful of what I cooked in the kitchen…. I refrained from steaming brussel sprouts or broccoli and stayed entirely away from fish. Before each showing, I made sure the trash was out of the house. And for you pet owners…..

When we placed our home on the market, we had family keep our cats. We kept our dogs either outside or in the garage in their crates. If your pets ever soiled the carpet, you need to have your carpet professionally cleaned. The stench of pet urine is one sure way to turn a buyer off.

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While scent is one way to do so, cozy throw blankets placed strategically on the couch make your home feel inviting. I displayed some muffins on this cake stand in my kitchen. This is escpecially where a home-staging expert can be of great help. Nobody wants to live in a dark and somber home. Before exiting your home for a showing, go through your house and make sure all of the blinds and drapes are open so that optimal lighting fills your home.

In darker rooms, you may need to turn on overhead lights or lamps. I once had a night showing, and made sure every light in the home was on…I even was sure to use my dimmers to emit the most flattering, welcoming light possible. Let me just say…. I absolutely love dimmers! Never overlook the power of ambiance! One last touch is appealing to the sense of sound. We have wireless speakers through out our home. Before each walk thru of our previous home, I put on some light jazz music at a relatively low volume.

Just like scent, music done correctly can make potential buyers more receptive to buying your home.

In general:

Just be discerning with your choice of music…nothing offensive or intrusive. If you truly want to present your home to sell for optimal price, and in fast time, you have to commit a lot of time and effort. While I am not claiming it to be easy, I am saying that it will be worth it. As was the case for me, when I sold my home within only 3 days of listing it above listing price , which you can read about here in a separate blog post titled How I Sold My Home in Three Days Above List Price.

If you feel a little overwhelmed or unsure, I would consider investing in a home staging service. After all, your home is your biggest financial asset and you should treat it as such. Now get out there and design some good vibes! Great tips, thank you for sharing! I love neutral decor but my fiance is much more a fan of bright colours and patterns.

Thanks so much for stopping by, Elizabeth!! First off, your home is just lovely! Thanks for sharing these tips! I have a friend who is staging her home right now, so I will have to share these with her. Definitely pinning for future reference and not just for selling my home, but setting a great ambiance for when guests come over.